Friday, August 22, 2014

Enjoy Life: Even If It's Not Perfect

enjoy life
I woke up with a cold, 
But I woke up.
I slept fitfully,
Concerned about loved ones,
Praying for a plan, 
But I have hope.
I had many messages to respond to,
Work to do,
Excel spread sheets to finish,
Syllabi to post,
Bills to pay,
Errands to run,
But I was able to do so.
I was worried about "nesting,"
The cobwebs, the dust-bunnies,
The start of school syndrome,
Meals frozen at home,
Pinterest worthy classroom envy,
But I have plans.
I woke up realizing the summer was almost over,
Yearning for a day at the beach, a trip to a spa,
Bike rides, hikes, time with family,
Yet, excited about the "new" year.
I'm a year older and still unpublished,
Still not near perfect, still learning,
Still praying for patience, tolerance,
But more hopeful than ever,
More sure I must rely on prayer,
More sure that I am not in control.
With more 
Aches, pains, gray-hairs and wrinkles,
I woke up
Assured that even though I did not get to Europe,
Even though I did not get to the beach,
Even though my clothes are still a bit too tight,
Even though my house is still not clean
Even though there are weeds in my garden,
Even though my life is still not in order,
I do have 
The promise of this day!  

1 comment:

Ramona said...

The promise of today - a lovely phrase, and really today is all we really have. I love the way you worked through your "still nots" and "even thoughs" to arrive at the hopes, plans, and promises of today. Such an inspirational piece!