Saturday, August 30, 2014

#celebratelu2014 A week filled with Looking Ahead

Earlier this month, I did a 7 day Positivity Challenge on Facebook writing about 3 things that were good for 7 days.  I found it uplifting in spite of my August funk and quickly connected to why I do this Celebrate each Saturday, thanks to Ruth Ayers inspiration!

This week I celebrate Smart Phones, New Friends, and Looking Ahead.

1. I celebrate my new phone. My old Droid with the cracked screen had become possessed and begged for retirement.  I did have to give up my unlimited use of data on my own plan, but now, people can call and I can answer! Plus, I can text, monitor Twitter, and even answer emails again.  Best of all, when I access the driving directions on Maps, it takes me to streets that really exist rather than saying, "turn left on East Manchester Grove" when I am in the middle of an interstate! 

2. My husband also upgraded to his FIRST ever smart phone.  At first he was excited because texting became FAR easier as he could abandon the multiple hitting of keys to find letters. Then, he realized it took great panoramic pictures and amazing videos.  Last night, he announced he answered an email on his phone.  Welcome to the 21st Century! I suspect we will need that extra gigabyte of data they gave us as a "thank you" for making our phone bill bigger!    

3. We have lots of new students in my school this year. They have moved from the big city, small towns, apartments, farms and places far away/  People are choosing our district!  That is a sign that even though our school is far from perfect, we are on a positive trajectory!    

4. Even better than all those new kids are the NEW TEACHERS.  I am looking forward to their new ideas, energy, and enthusiasm for life and learning. I am lucky to still be around to learn from them. Plus, they can show me how to get my work email on my new smart phone!  

5. When the alarm goes off at 4:40 on Tuesday, I will not be happy!  I'll lay in bed thinking, ""The summer was too short" even though my vacation was much longer than most people could imagine!  The morning will be dark and most likely cold.  I will have had a fitful night sleep (always happens before the first day of school)! I will think about pulling the comforter over my head, but I won't. I will lay there for a few minutes and remember that my new back to school skirt (it's blue and lacy) and notebook (with the Steve Jobs quote) are waiting for me.  I will begin to feel the butterflies flapping in my stomach as I brush my teeth. I will feel the excitement build as I shower. I will likely leave a few minuets early as you never want to be late on the first day.  I will splurge on a coffee at DD (perhaps with pumpkin spice).  I will know that I am one lucky lady as I have the chance, again this year, to make a difference in the learning of children who find reading and writing challenging.  I really do have a lot to celebrate even as I THINK about Tuesday morning!      


Margaret Simon said...

"I will know that I am one lucky lady as I have the chance, again this year, to make a difference in the learning of children who find reading and writing challenging. " This is my favorite line. You are ready to face the challenge of a new school year. All my best!

Rdgtchr said...

So much to look forward to. I love that you celebrate the energy and ideas of new teachers. I think they are an amazing resource for those of us who have done this for a while.

Julieanne said...

Our phones are becoming our life lines and our students our guides. How strange and wonderful. Glad you are starting your year with students from new places.You are right it will bring in more learning for all. It should be a great year.

Michelle Haseltine said...

I love the notebook with the Steve Jobs quote and I LOVE the description of the night before school. I will be the same way on Monday night as we begin Tuesday as well. I haven't picked out my new notebook yet. Happy New School Year!! May it be the best one ever!

Ramona said...

I love reading your routine for Tuesday morning - the, early alarm, the fitful night's sleep, the new clothes & notebook! It's exciting to be surrounded by new kids and new teachers. Blessings for a smooth beginning.

Leigh Anne Eck said...

Your number 5 captures so many feelings and events that I am sure many of us have. I can never sleep the night before school and the butterflies were more like bats this year as I began a new school and grade level.
Here's to a wonderful school year!