Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Garlicky in Saugerties

Sometimes, I have to pinch myself to believe what an exciting life I live!  
Just this weekend, we were at a GARLIC FESTIVAL to replenish "seed garlic." 
Supposedly, there were 50,000 crazy, garlicky smelling folks 
hanging out in the hot September sun.
We spent a lot of time at the garlic lectures!  
Seriously, there were people talking about the "botany" behind garlic growing 
as well as the science behind garlic cooking!  
Garlic vendors, from great big farms and family gardens at the side of the yard, 
from all over the Northeast, stood side by side. 
If you were adventurous, you could also buy cheeses, farm raised ostrich or deer!
I can assure you I did not come home with them,
but SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, who is hopefully working outside,
by themselves,
is eating Habanero pickled eggs and pickled garlic this week for lunch! 

It was near the end of the hot day in Saugerties,
when we came upon Mike and Dave, the mushroom men
Selling kits which would allow all of us 
to grow mushrooms on a log right on our kitchen counters.
Weird, different, call me crazy,
but I think it might make an unusual holiday gift for someone!


Stacey said...

I never knew what garlic looked like when it grew. That visual is so neat!

Have you ever been to Gilroy, CA? If not, look it up and imagine driving through a town that smells completely of garlic!

Tara Smith said...

I had saved a postcard advertising this event from the Clearwater Festival last year - so mad at myself for forgetting about it! What a wonderful time you had.

Anita Ferreri said...

Stacy, those are actually the MUSHROOMS I pictured growing on the log!

Dana Murphy said...

Well, this is just about the most unique festival I've ever heard of. Who knew?