Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#sol 2014 Bags

I carry quite a bit of  my life in my bag.
Bills, brush, band-aids, 
Usually, a book.
Cell, coins, credit cards.
Always, keys.
Mints, mirror, 
Sometimes, even, money.

I carry my bag 
Through the seasons,
Till the strap frays 
Till its lining wears,
Carrying many, many
Slices of My Life 

This magazine purse 
Would not work for me.
Why waste a magazine anyway? 


LInda Baie said...

My husband never understood why I looked and looked for just the right handbag, Anita. Love this look at what's in yours, and definitely would not, could not fit all my stuff into the magazine purse-not a chance.

Jackie said...

I agree, my handbag has to be just the right size...and shape...and once I find one that is perfect, I wear it until it falls apart. My mother had so many...all matching her outfits and shoes. She could never understand how I could be satisfied with just one. Not too those magazine ones...and not to small either. Jackie

Tara Smith said...

Handbags are the bane of my existence - I can never find one just the right anything, so I just carry around my backpack. Some day....

shogem said...

Seldom can I find the "perfect" bag. I do not like large bags because I never can find anything. I do not like bags with too many pockets, because it takes too long to go through every pocket to find what I am looking for. Those magazine bags are useless. They are not big enough to hold anything that you lose.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love this line: Sometimes, even money!