Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy New Year
It's 4:40 in the morning.
It's September 2nd,
It's hot and humid,
Why is that alarm bugging me?
Summer's still got 19 days.
I need one more day,
Maybe a few more.
It's dark, damp 
Not a nice morning.
I slept like a hummingbird,
Darting in and out of dreams.
It's a fresh start.
 Better exercise
So that dress will look good.
First, better check the email, 
Facebook, Twitter.
Sigh, time flies when reading blogs.
Not enough time to a walk
Maybe a few weights before I hit the shower.
I hope to be at school early.
Better hop into the shower,
Perhaps I have the stomach flu?
No, silly.
It's those old butterflies
Back again.
New skirt, new shirt.
It's stylish, I hope.
Blue and lacy.
Fun but maybe it's too young?
What if parents think
I'm trying to dress like them?
.Don't forget the new notebook,
The one with the  Steve Jobs quote.
Oh those butterflies,
I'll need a lunch,
Grab your  sneakers.
I will exercise this afternoon.
Pumpkin spice just this one time.
Buses everywhere!!
Why so many this year?
Where did they all come from?
Why is there a traffic jam?
Where are they all going?
Why so many trucks?
It's a celebration day
Today's the first day
Hope springs eternal
From every corner,
At the end of every driveway,
In every new outfit,
Within every new pair of shoes,
On every face
Happy New Year.


Tara Smith said...

Yes! I had a sleepless night, too. Butterflies...lots of them!

LInda Baie said...

Beautiful. We had our 'new year celebration' last Wednesday. Best wishes Anita! Love that last, 'in every new driveway, in every new outfit...' Excitement & butterflies reign on the first day!

Stacey said...

Happy first day! An exciting time, for sure.

(BTW: Not sure about NY, but it still feels like summer in these parts!)

Ramona said...

Loved this look at your first day and especially this phrase:
" I slept like a hummingbird,
Darting in and out of dreams."
Hope it was a fabulous beginning to your new year!