Saturday, December 20, 2014

Almost Forgotten Pre Holiday Post" Keep Calm and Enjoy the Show

During the bombing of England,
Way back in WWII,
Someone in Barter Books of Alnwick 
Created the now famous poster
Keep Calm and Carry On
While they were not Churchill's words,
The strong spirit was attributed to him.

Back during that week of untold excitement,
Back when a much anticipated holiday break was near,
Back when I was so busy I forgot to finish / post this,
Back when Hanukkah, Christmas, Pageants, Parties, Concerts
Excitement filled the air,
There were many, many concerts
Attended by many, many doting parents, adoring grandparents, 
Loving aunties and caring cousins,
There were many, many calm students on the stages 
Waiting patiently for their parents to finish 
Their cell-phone-photo-capturing of the moment.

I watched and reflected, 
Of concerts attended long ago, 
Of standing on both sides of the stage.
I wondered, hoped and prayed
The throngs of fans would heel Churchill's spirit:
I hoped they would let their anxious offspring sing,
I wondered if I should call out,
"Keep Calm, and Enjoy the Show."

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