Friday, December 5, 2014

Old School Ideas: Holiday Greeting Cards

I was doing a bit of morning "reading" over on Twitter when I found the link to a Grammarly blog article about abandoning paper holiday cards in favor of digital greetings.

The "old school" part of me is a bit nostalgic about those cards. I never just "did" them, I found personally connected cards that people would KNOW were from ME, like the "Dr. Suess, Grinch inspired ones I found last year.  If I cared enough to SEND a card, I included a NOTE with highlights of my life and family. Truth be told. sometimes, those cards went out after Christmas.  Sometimes (most of the time) I focused on the "good times" rather than our struggles when I shared our family news.

Yet, I still, even as an adult, love to go through my mom's basket of cards to "catch up" on my friends's parents (from the growing up era of my life) I still get a bit excited when a card, with its unique squarish shape, shows up in the mail rather than the usual proliferation of rectangle shaped bills and junk. 

Yet, I know the practice is "old school" for sure and in this era of vibrant social media, most of my "friends" already are more connected than I could have ever imagined!  Going to the post office is a CHORE and buying stamps is EXPENSIVE.  So, I certainly see the handwriting on the wall on this one (pun intended).  I guess that we'll all soon be moving away from this old school holiday ritual.  Part of me will feel relived and grateful that I can focus on parts of this holiday season that are most important (like giving of time and energy). Still, a part of me will feel sad about the loss of that time of reflection and connection. Somehow, posting your family photo on Facebook will never be the same!   

However, in an acceptance of 21st Century living, perhaps, then, we should COLLECT those cards and save them.  Someday, they might be valuable vestiges of American culture, antiques, and collectibles?   

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