Monday, December 1, 2014

#sol2014: Thankful: Even for that snow?

Last week, a snowy storm blew up the east coast after days of unusually mild weather.

Many of us, left our homes Wednesday morning watching a balmy 45 degree day drop to freezing temps and a raging storm.

Many of us were not really thankful for the slip-slidey-white stuff that descended making driving difficult and shopping unlikely.

Many of us, did "without" stops for holiday goodies (we did without seltzer here) in order to get home safely.

Many of us were grateful we had already picked up a turkey ahead of the No'Easter that blew up the coast.

Many of us did without power on Wednesday and Thursday as well while dedicated power magicians from near and far worked on dangling lines.

Many of us found it necessary to find boots and gloves, attach plows and locate shovels in order to make the old family homestead accessible.

Yet, if you look at the heavy, pack-able snow that fell unexpectedly last week, there was some magic associated with it as well.

Men resorted to playing in that white stuff as if they were boys.

Dogs reverted to their puppy-like behaviors.

Children abandoned their warm homes to make snow-people of great magnitude.

Afterwards, those with two legs who had consumed too much tryptophan, those with two and with four legs who had played hard in the snow, performed that age old Thanksgiving ritual: they fell sound asleep!  


Michelle Haseltine said...

Snow & magic?!?! YES! A perfect recipe for a lovely day! Thank you for sharing!!

Tara Smith said...

It sounds as though you made it through and made the most of that slushy start. I don't think I left the house from Wednesday afternoon until Monday morning - such a delightful break!

Carol Varsalona said...

Anita, I happened to be in Central NY when the snow started and didn't end until the next day. Although we did not suffer the loss of power, we did feel a bit cooped in. I wondered what did we do when I was little and this happened all the time. Children do know how to cope with the snow in a most unique way so perhaps the answer is to acquire childlike perspectives. Thanks for sharing your thankful snow. We can always make magic come out of any circumstance if we are dreamers.

bonnie K. said...

Ah yes, our ambivalent attitude about snow. I love/hate it for sure. But when I can love it, I embrace it.
Like last Wednesday. I cooked. The house was mine!
But today, the threat forced to make other plans.

I love your slice of snow life I can relate to.

Stacey said...

Snow on a holiday is lovely when you don't have to go anywhere, right?

Anyway... I think my daughter is the only person to ever be more awake after eating turkey. (Though that could've been the effect of having apple cider and cookies with the turkey.)

elsie said...

I love the structure of this! Repetition just emphasizes your thoughts. Sounds like it was a great time in spite of the weather.