Saturday, June 13, 2015

#celebratelu15 Celebrating Support Systems

Even when the obstacles of life seem overwhelming, Ruth encourages us to document and celebrate the good in our week.  There are tough parts to everyone's life and this week, I am celebrating the support systems that keep us going when things are hard!

This week, I had "caregiver" issues that threatened to bring my fragile system of elder care (and me) to my knees. Like so many, I depend on people to "keep the home fires burning" for my elderly mom and my aunt.  Without support, they could not be living at home. Without support, I could not go to work.  Without support, I do not know where we would be.  It's when things go awry that I stop and realize home much I need-depend-on-rely-on those who are doing often thankless work caring for those who get weaker-more-needy-more-dependent-more-grumpy each day. So today I am celebrating caregivers, who spend long (and often lonely) days (and nights) with sometimes grumpy and often demanding clients. Unlike those who care for young children, elder caregivers cannot just pop their clients in a stroller and go for a walk!  

This week, I noticed Beary, more than once, encourage/support reluctant readers as they read/reread books.  He certainly must be hot and miserable in this hot-humid weather; yet, he never complains and is always available for a hug or to listen when a reader needs a bit of encouragement. His friend, Little Beary even joined him on Friday morning as we worked our way through a stack of books.   As Beary says, "There is only one way to become a reader!  You have to read!" I celebrate my alter-ego-Costco-impulse-purchase and all the support he has provided reluctant readers this year.  I was also wondering if I should pop him into the washer or send him to the dry cleaner?

This week, I also stopped for a few moments and  noticed the clouds, sunset and peace on the horizon.  Perhaps it's seeing what you want to see in the clouds and on the horizon, but it did look like the grey skies were starting to break up.  I'm going to keep looking up because those clouds are a mighty-powerful support system that are certainly capable of bringing some better "weather-times" this-a-way!


Michelle Haseltine said...

Taking time to recognize those caregivers...that's wonderful! I hope those issues are now resolved and things are working out. Still loving Beary and his reading buddies!! Clouds. I love to watch the clouds!

writekimwrite said...

I just went through a season of this with my elderly father. He was not able to live independently and spent his last year in and out of hospitals and nursing homes. I often marveled at the kindness, patience, and heart of his many caregivers. I stand with you in celebrating them!

Linda Baie said...

I have such respect for the caregivers who have helped me & cared for my husband when I could no longer, Anita. Don't forget that you are a caregiver too. And you shared part of that when you wrote of Beary Bear, your 'costco' purchase, but now special buddy. I notice the clouds too; it's a comfort to see nature's beauty often. Sorry for the tough week this week. No matter how grateful for so much, it doesn't take away from how tough some times can be. Hugs to you!