Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#sol15 Signs in the summer sky

It was an afternoon of tree toppling, nasty storms.
The power was out, again, as I sat on the quiet porch,
Reflecting on the prophecy of Sunday's sermons,
"Storms are parts of life,
While we are not promised rainbows,
There will be peace,
After the storm," he assured us.

The sky was eerily bright on the horizon,
I snapped a pic for posterity,
And then watched it grow.
As the sun disappeared behind the horizon,
The sky grew brighter and brighter,
"I hope this is a sign," I thought 
As I snapped a few more pics. 

As the sky filled with colors of hope,
The power returned, again.
"I guess that is a sign to go do a SOL post
Before I finish those Google Sheets," I thought.


Rose Cappelli said...

Beautiful pictures! We had storms here tonight as well.

Chris said...

Lovely pictures and good inspiration to write.

Carol said...

You captured some beautiful pictures! And some big truth, I think, in the sermon!