Thursday, June 25, 2015

Show not tell

We've come to the end of "school road" in these parts.  Parents have been asking for workbooks. sites, remedial programs to support reading.  I get emails, phone messages, and notes to please send home "stuff" for them to do.

I say again and again, "Just read to them and with them, every day.

Then, on tonight's Twitter feed, I see the note above from "Think Different."  I know the message of teaching by your examples extends far beyond summer reading.  We show our children how to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and find peace by our actions, not our words.  

They are watching even when we think they are not.  So, this is some good advice, for me today, too.  Try to live, always, the way you want your kids to live.   When they are in a similar tough spot of life, they will likely follow your example.  

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