Sunday, July 26, 2015

#sol15 15 Bubbles and Books

"Someone's trash is someone's treasure," they say, and "someone's closet clearing finds are someone's treats," I say!  So it was at this weekend's garage sale where we transported, dispersed, and used our advertising, marketing, merchandising and socializing skills to "recycle" family "clutter."

To be honest, it's a lot of work to haul, price, display, and schmooze with customers.  No matter how "low" we priced things, people wanted to "bargain" less and less and less again!  To be honest, it's also a bit "sad" to relive the memories so many of the items we sold evoked!"  There was Grandma's Correlle ware and her 60's glassware as well as old sewing machines, tools, pots and pans. Each was part of our family's story. Yet, I hope that in the days to come, I will remember sitting on the stoop watching Bubble Girl and Book Boy!

Bubble Girl was wandering through the piles when she found a used bubble wand and asked us what it was.  We spent a long time showing her the intricacies of bubble making and entertaining her with blowing and catching bubbles encouraging her mother to "shop" for $15 worth of merchandise!  As they pulled away from the curb, Bubble Girl's smiled brightly and waved. "Thank you for making my day," she seemed to say.

It was late in the day, nearing closing time, when Book Boy started reading some children's books strategically placed near the sidewalk while his parents shopped.  At 10 cents a book, his mom told him to pick out 5 books; however, you know the reading teacher in me was ignited by the sight of a child reading....and so you know that he left with a BAG full of all the books I thought he might like.  As they pulled away from the curb, Book Boy was already engrossed in his stack.  He never looked up but I know HE made MY day!


Bernadette Laganella said...

Book boy must have been so happy. I remember, as a child, a plethora of books was like a Whitman's Sampler. Which one to choose first was the glorious problem.

Linda Baie said...

I know what you mean, first about the bargain hunting. Usually I just donate everything. But your stories made me smile because you turned this day that was a little tough into enjoyment, for two kids and for yourself. Loved the post, Anita!

Tara Smith said...

Good for you, Anita - you found positivity, and a slice!

Ramona said...

Bubble girl and book boy - I love it! I don't have garage sales, but went to a few when I was in OK visiting my brother. I picked up a Hi Ho Cherry O game for his grandkids, and I was shocked that every single cherry was in the box. Lots of memories playing that game with my nieces and nephews. It's so true that our things carry such memories with them.

beckymusician said...

I'm also more of a donator - I don't have the patience to sit all day at a garage sale -- but clearly the interaction with other people is a benefit of holding a sale! It's so fun to introduce children to things from the past - like the bubble wand, apparently -- and see them love it. And books - what better future for your books could there be!