Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#sol15 A Slice of Blue and a Slice of Gray

In days to come
A tiny miracle 
Will be wrapped 
In slices of blue and gray.  
Pieced, stitched and filled
With love

In days to come, 
I'might share Owen,
Cuddled in a rocker,
His sweaty head
Nestled in my neck
I might even make him
A handkerchief for school
Stitched and filled 
With love.  


Tara Smith said...

Oh my...what a blessed event to look forward to, Anita. Your slice is filled with such happiness and excitement:)

Ramona said...

Love those "...slices of blue and gray. Pieced, stitched and filled With love..." Lucky boy! Lucky you - we'll be waiting for pictures.

Linda Baie said...

Oh Anita, nothing is more special. Congratulations to you & lots of hugs, too. I love the way you shared with us!

Sonja said...

lovely poem! congrats! There isn't much better thing in all this world than a sweet baby nestling in the crook of your neck.

Michelle Haseltine said...

Such love in these words!!!! Sounds like a miracle is a beautiful thing to celebrate!! Congrats! :)

Loralee said...

Beautiful and tender.