Tuesday, July 7, 2015

#sol2015 Patiently Waiting

I remember the day I "came down" with them. It was late summer and I was excited about my upcoming birthday (remember those days?) and returning to school (I loved a new notebook even then).

I was changing from my grimy "play" shirt to a cleaner "go-pick-up-daddy" shirt when my mother said, "What is that all over your back?" I suspect she felt my forehead before acknowledging, "You are burning up!" I suspect she wondered about the impact on my then baby brother and on the kids I had been swimming with earlier in the day.  I suspect she knew I would be better in 10 days but my siblings would likely fall victims in due time isolating us all for the duration.  I am guessing she never wondered if they would lie low awaiting a moment to return to me in their "adult" format!

I was totally stressed on the afternoon, many years later, when they, who had been waiting patiently for decades on my nerve endings returned with a vengeance.  Thanks to adds in magazines and on TV I was pretty sure what was happening when I showed up in "urgent care."  I left with a prescription for an "antiviral," an urging to avoid babies, and a promise that I would be fine in 3 days time.  The nurse practitioner assured me I had a "very mild case" and even suggested that her meds would help my stress!

In less than 24 hours, the stressors in my life were still pressing on my heart and staring me in the face; however, the itchiness and burgeoning line of spots was gone as quickly as they had arrived. The pain, however, continued to come in waves, some strong enough to take your breath away like those giant waves that sweep away sand castles at high tide.

I know now, that the Pox, lies patiently waiting in each of us who had the opportunity to "experience" it during our youth.  It waits for just the right moment when our bodies and our minds are distracted and then it comes roaring back.  It's course is shortened to hours, thanks to available meds; however, it often mirrors the "pain" and "hard-times" of life in its waves of pain.  

I suspect my primary care would have suggested a "shingles shot" at my annual physical - the one I cancelled first last July, then last October, then last December, then last March, then last May when stressors required me to be elsewhere!  I suspect she will suggest a "shingles shot" when I get there, hopefully in the next few days!

I guess there are messages in this week's "SOL." 1) Don't skip that annual/biannual physical; 2) Get your vaccinations; 3) Meds can take take down viruses in a matter of hours; 4) Stress can make you sick!


writekimwrite said...

Oh dear, I am sorry an encore appearance was made years later. Thank you for giving us all a gentle nudge and helpful reminders!

Donna Smith said...

I had shingles while I was student teaching many years ago. BTW, I had a shingles shot last year, HOWEVER it is not something they do if you have already had a bout of shingles. They don't really think it is effective unless it is AFTER chicken pox and BEFORE shingles. So you can have the shot if your doctor will let you, but unfortunately, you won't know if it is going to do anything. I just choose to think it will, thus relieving some of the stress that can cause them!

Michelle Haseltine said...

Oh no!!! I hope you are feeling better! I've had shingles the summer. Hmmm!!! (Itchy just thinking about it!) Wishing you a speedy recovery!!!!

Linda Baie said...

I'm so glad that the medicine helped, Anita. Take good care. I don't know about getting the shingles shot "after" you've had an outbreak, and I did get it, but my doctor said that some don't think it always works anyway. Who knows? The best thing is that you did get some relief & it worked! Take care!

Deborah Bussewitz said...

I am so sorry you experienced the shingles--and you are so right that stress can cause this sickness. One thing I know for sure...I can not always make the stresses in my life disappear. I can choose my reaction to them. This is the focus of my work. I hope you are feeling better.

Diane Andeson said...

So sorry. I have heard from others who have had it how painful it can be. My sister, brothers, and I all were "quarantined" with the chicken pox, too. I got that shot as soon as I reached the age when my insurance would pay. Hope it will be effective.