Sunday, September 13, 2015

#celebratelu 15: Celebrating This Week

I thank Ruth Ayers for hosting this weekly celebration as no matter how challenging, crazy or sad some events in our week might be, there is always something to celebrate if you stop to notice.  
  • This week began hot and humid suggesting that summer's wrath was still upon us; yet, this week ended with a clear, certain assurance of fall's impending arrival.This morning, there are crisp leaves on the ground and I am reminded that this time of back to school-sweaters-and apple cider is my favorite season.
  • This week, I screened what seemed to be about "a zillion" new arrivals to my school. One little girl smiled when I pulled out the Fountas and Pinnell Assessment book and said gleefully, "They have that same book at my old school!"  I smiled at her excitement and thought about the teachers in Brooklyn who were likely doing Fountas and Pinnell assessments right along "beside" me on a Friday afternoon!  
  • This week I celebrate football in spite of my angst each time helmets clang and shoulder pads clash. I know players and coaches have worked very hard, for months, preparing for each play.  Each and every tackle, by each and every player represents a small personal victory. There is something magical about Friday night crowds dancing and cheering under the lights. 
  • Last week was four (school days) long, thanks to Labor Day and this next week is three (school days) long thanks to Rosh Hashanah. I could get used to this!
  • I haven't read A.A.Milne's classic in a while; however, his words danced through my head as I endured heat, assessed students, and watched football this week.


Ramona said...

I love fall too! I had that quote on my classroom door. Because it's the classroom where we hold our after school book club, I can attest that it's still there. Maybe I should refresh it for the current teacher. New arrival books, what could be better? I'll be helping at the Friends of the Library book sale this week. Have a great three day week!

Michelle Haseltine said...

I, too, am grateful to see moments of fall peeking though and the intense heat slip away!! Enjoy your three day week!!!