Monday, September 7, 2015

#sol15 A new chapter

As the sun set,
I knew it was time.
To begin writing, again.
The long summer,
Filled with prayers, reflection, endings,
Was over. 

We've been back in school,
It seems like for weeks already. 
But the "summer" ,
Really seems to end
When we cross Labor Day off the calendar.

There were many wonderful slices
Of life this summer in spite of the sadness.
I missed writing about
Watching "summer theater" at its best,
Young thespians performing
The Wizard of Oz on a summer night.
Weddings, glittery and grand, small and intimate, 
Tears of joy, miracles, hope, love.
Parties, showers, gatherings,
Days, evenings with friends and family. 
The blankets, 
Quilted and knitted with love, 
The play dates and shopping trips,
Snacking on ice cream at the library
Buying strollers at Buy Buy Baby.

I'm not yet able to write
Of this summer of sadness,
But fall signals new beginnings,
Fresh starts, hope, potential.
For those of us in education,
Every year,
For my family,
This year
Fall is the beginning 
Of a new, adventure filled,
Exciting and unforgettable chapter.  


Krista said...

Beautiful and true. xx

Michelle Haseltine said...

I have MISSED your voice!!! I am so sorry for the sadness in your summer. I am glad you showed up today. Know that you have been missed! Beautiful sentiments shared here!

Linda Baie said...

Labor Day does mark that end, wheel of year turning, I agree, Anita. I hope you have a good week this week, finding new joy in the little things. I'm sorry it was such a tough summer amidst all those wonderful things you mentioned. Hugs to you!

Ramona said...

I love your pictures! And yes, we've missed you. Sorry for your summer of sadness. Here's to a fall filled with hope, fresh starts, new adventures, and more writing! Welcome back!

Tara Smith said...

Bittersweet - there were moments of joy, it seems, but sadness, too. You are, it seems, looking forward in a positive and hopeful way, Anita. Good for you.

Lisa Keeler said...

Your slice is so honest. I am sorry for the sadness and endings. I hope this next season will bring you a sense of renewel.