Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sometimes, things happen that make you sad...

I haven't written much lately.
I've been a bit overwhelmed with life.
I've been trying to figure out
Why sad things happen,
Things that hurt, or don't make sense.

Today, I realized that my "dark cloud"
Sad things that happen,
Things that hurt, or don't make sense,
Went to school!  

Today, they threw away
My big, red, floor cushions,
The ones that came
From a side of the road,
Discarded Pottery Barn couch.

The cushions that have provided
A reading spot for many, many, many
Emerging readers (and their teacher).

You can see me sitting on them 
A few years ago
As a student found her rhythm.
You can see them resting,
Behind Beary,
Waiting for kids to enter and grab books
To settle down and read.
"They are a fire hazard," they said.
"They encourage reading," I thought.

They are gone, but not forgotten.
I am not sure what I am going to do,
But sometimes things happen
That make you sad.

"I guess it's a good thing they blamed
Fire Safety," I thought,
"I do want kids to be safe,
But I want them to be comfortable,
Relaxed and to read."

Sometimes things happen
That make you sad,
So make the best of what you find,
Along the road of life.
Memories on discarded cushions,
Lemonade from lemons.

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