Monday, July 25, 2011


Last night, I made a grilled peach salad with arugula, prosciutto, and goat's milk cheese for dinner and it was DELICIOUS!  I have to admit that this was NOT a normal dinner for us and was unlike any dinner I have made in the many years we have been married; however, if was DELICIOUS and MUCH better than tonight's very predictable ratatouille!  In fairness of disclosure, my husband found the recipe scrolling through a House Beautiful magazine (a gift from my cousin who is trying to woo me away from Country Living magazine), cut it out and left in on the counter - hint, hint!!!!!. 
In comparing the two dinners, I got to thinking about the changes that we all make in our living, family and work environments every day.  Change is not always easy and SOMETIME change is NOT based on CHANGE for the better but rather change just to keep up with others! 
All this got me thinking about how we manage the day to day routines of our classrooms and our reading and writing workshop structure.  Change is not always bad and SOMETIMES, like in my grilled peach salad, there will be unexpected but great rewards for your effort.  We are all reluctant, perhaps by human nature, to change; however, it is in changing that we are growing and reflecting on our past and future performances. 
So tomorrow, during class, I will challenge my grad students to do a little guided writing in their classrooms.  I've learned another lesson for sure this week I for one will put that grilled peach salad at the top of my cooking for the year and will try to do better than predictable tomorrow night!

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