Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I know the movie is already out and I COULD have just "read" the book that way.....but the other day as I strolled through the emptying aisles despairing the demise of the remaining Borders bookstore, Water For Elephants "called" and I put it into my arms.  I am glad I did - even if the book left me sad.  I think it is pretty significant that I feel the same about closing a bookstore and Water For Elephants.  This life we are all sharing is certainly not always fair and often "bad things" happen to good people (and stores) that change the course of their lives (and livlihoods). 
As I finished the book (it was calling me again early this morning), I really was overwhelmed with thoughts of how sharing our lives with others is such an important and compelling human behavior.  "Families" and "friends" are needed to share the good times as well as to protect us from ourselves in the lowest of times.  A kind word, a touch, and a gentle reminder that someone cares about us must be part of human nature.  Yet within families and friends, we often push others away..........figuring we need to cope on our own........fearing that others will determine the path of our future.....wanting to be in control of our own destiny......
I'd have to do some discussion with others who have read the book in order to clarify if others were left with the same impressions as me - of if it is the current events in my own circle that have "shaded" my thinking.  Probably a bit of both......

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