Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reading and MORE Reading

I've found myself doing quite a bit of reading and writing (across a WIDE range of texts) this summer! 
In addition to the cookbooks I have been scouring (looking for kale recipes this weekend!), this week I read a number of articles on miscue analysis, running records, and reading records in preparation for our class discussion.  It started out as a quick review, but as I sat on the porch with a huge iced tea one afternoon, I found myself thinking a lot about this area of literacy assessment.  Now I am sure this does not sound like exciting summer reading to everyone, but it really got me thinking about the level of analysis we expect teachers to use in the reading /running records used to monitor students' reading progress.  In rereading Goodman's and Wilde's work on Miscue Analysis along with Clay and Foutas's work on running records, I was reminded that running records were meant to be an informal ongoing tool and never meant to substitute for a "good old fashioned" miscue analysis when trying to decipher the needs of an older or a struggling reader.  I do think this is where the DRA and now the F & P have tried to go with their "reading records" but I think that we need to differentiate our assessments of struggling learners even more!
Then, during a quick trip to Walmart, I picked up a copy of Heaven Is For Real.  Perhaps I got suckered in by the title or the morning talk show hype about the book, (yes I do catch Regis and Kelly sometimes on summer mornings) but I did grab the book (that was still in my car) as I went to check on my son after his early morning appendectomy!  While he rested from surgery, I read the book (not all that well written byt the way but a compelling story) and really would have loved to talk to someone else who had read it!  I encouraged my son to read it; but he quickly dismissed it as "fake" and written by the father.  I've thought a lot about this subject this week too and hope that the book is not a "fake"!  There has certainly been MANY situations when those who preach on Sundays have not maintained their credibility all week long; however, I really want to believe that NO parent would sacrifice their child for 5 minutes of fame and a bit of $$.
So to round out my reading and thinking about "running" and "5 minutes of fame" this week, I finished Running On Empty (started a while ago but never finished) because it ws sitting on my nightstand!  It really did help to put all my other reading this week into perspective as we all face challenges in our personal and professional lives. We ALL experience many diverse people and perspectives as we travel the "miles" of our lives.  While this book was a bit "boring" in the beginning, it did get me thinking....and reflecting....
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