Monday, July 11, 2011

Just Eating Healthy Foods

I actually started the last post a few days ago but some beautiful weather, some marvelous sunsets and a children's story I am writing (about the White Pond Monster - to be posted here soon) have kept me from this blog!!
I am, however, blogging today about my "new reading" and passion for the Summer of 2011 which is eating foods that are "more" organic and healthy than ever before.  We have eaten in a pretty healthy manner for many years and as my kids used to note, we shopped mostly around the perimeter of the grocery store when they were growing up.  In recent years, we have done lots of shopping at stores that focus on fruits and veggies - even if they are not necessarily organic. 
This summer, partially related to my goal to promote health in any way I can and partially related to my summer CSA at the Fishkill Farms, we are eating in a newer and even more healthy manner.  We are getting a lot of "new" veggies to try (garlic shoots ? chard ? ) and we are eating them all!  Last night I tried cooking organic Swiss chard (yummy).  Tonight, we are doing a beet and arugula salad!  I know that I am not alone in this trying to eat healthy (more organic) food as noted in the blog post of someone I watched grow from a pigtailed girl to a wise woman!
I am however in need of some good recipes which means shopping for cookbooks! 
I guess I am exploring a new genre this summer! 

Better Homes and Gardens Garden Fresh Meals

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KT said...

Thanks for the link and the reference... I sometimes still wear pig tails :) We did a great CSA last year - I certainly learned about lots of veggies I had never cooked before (ugh.. bok choy so much bok choy)... It was a great learning experience! Good luck this summer!