Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dear Gov.Christie

As Joan Rivers would say, "We need to talk." 
While the great thing about living in America is that we CAN have differing opinions and ideas, I need to make it clear that those of us whose every word and action WILL directly impact others totally disagree with you.
If I did not have to get to work early today so that I can 1) turn in my report cards; 2) prepare for my little people; 3) impact the future; 4) be ready when they arrive, I would write more on this subject.
For now, just for the record, we need Kindergarten and Physical Education teachers - not the kind who just put out the blocks or roll out the balls - the kind who provide our children with foundations that desire to learn physics and be healthy citizens.
As Arnold said before his fall from grace, "I'll be back."

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