Friday, November 11, 2011

If you teach first grade, you gotta read this book

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I've know for some time that SOME day, a special 6-year old in my life who I have been sharing books with - for about 6 years - would be telling ME what to read. And it has happened!  Her mom found it at the school book sale and Silly Milly will be on every first grade teacher's "must have list" !!!!

It's not the only "Silly Milly" book but this one is the best by far.  It actually took ME - me who has read more children's books that you could count - me who has an advanced degree in literacy - quite a few pages to figure out that Milly only packs things that are compound words in her ""!

I have already ordered me a copy - sigh and have already planned my "kids write" sequels: Mrs. Ferreri Is On the Move (about verbs); Mrs. Ferreri and the Beautiful Day (about adjectives).....sigh...I can't wait...and yes I know it is a "vacation" day...and that I have TONS of report cards to finish...and that the paperwork, APPR, CCS, IEP, RtI, and other stuff is ready to overtake me this month,,,but I am still pretty excited....

Pretty soon, perhaps already, she'll be onto new characters and we'll be discussing Sarah Laura, Nate, Cam.....who I know very well...but we'll also be discussing, I hope, the characters that SHE finds who will become MY new BFFs! 

I can't wait....'cause 6 is pretty special...and there are a WHOLE lot of books out there for US to explore!

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