Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Looking good

I still do NOT like bulletin boards.  In fact, I really do NOT like them at all...There is NO way that hanging the writing of children in the hallway can be much more than an way of rewarding good handwriting.
YET, I do them, because they are a way of inviting students into our world and a way of "showing off" some of what they do!
In today's world, your classroom is a reflection on YOU as a teacher....just as what you wear and the activities you do!  Your bulletin boards AND your classroom presentation can and will be judged.  This is not really a bad thing as we WANT students to WANT to come to school and we WANT our classrooms to be open and inviting spaces. 
Yet, MANY of us are using old broken down desks and making do with furniture and accessories that are less than ideal.
While I can not take credit for FINDING this site...I am proud to PASS it along....
We are the "interior decorators" of our classroom environments...and with a little planning...we can always make things better than they are...without spending a ton of money...
SO, pass it along....

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