Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reflecting on Blackout # 5 for 2011

Sadly, as I write tonight, I know there are still MANY people in the Northeast who are still without power and Internet services who even if they WANTED TO and somehow were AWARE of the blog, would not be able to stop by to stop and think. 

It's been hard to live without power and without Internet...there are no other words to describe it.   Maybe it's my age, or maybe it' the fact that it has only been 4 weeks since Hurricane Irene disrupted our flow; whatever the reason, this one was hard.  I have felt isolated and alone...and somehow disconnected...and yet in spite of all the frustration and difficulties, of living a little bit like Laura Ingells Wilder (except we did have a powerpac to charge our cell phones and a radio that ran off said powerpac) I know there has been some wonderful messages learned and new friendships forged.  Like my 80+ mom and pushing 90 aunt along with a caregiver who "bunked" for 3 days with my sister-in-law, HER friend and HER friend's 8 year old.  6 women in a kitchen.....and they did become "unlikely but necessary friends" at the was quite the sight...not enough beds with handicapped access (is there anyone who has that?) ..but more than enough warmth and friendships that blossomed to create memories that will last forever.
My husband's new friends..the's been a few years...but when the power is out...we all seem to meet up...and talk...and find so much in our need for generators for the NEXT time...
There are millions of small miracles that have emerged from this nightmare....and I suspect that we are supposed to learn a lesson in compassion and reflection from the experience.  I know that it has been hard...but I know that I will appreciate this humble desktop computer and my Optonline service a little more....and I am indeed grateful that it is NOT really the days of Laura Ingells Wilder...because we all need to do a lot more communicating these days!

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