Thursday, November 28, 2013


Holidays can be hectic, stressful. 
Weather, travel, shopping, cooking,
Eating, calories, family issues,
Missing loved ones, and colds
As much a part of the holidays
As turkey, cranberries, pies.

I have so, so much,
My heart swells with gratitude,
Hope, faith, fulfillment, love,
Warmth, health, children, friends,
Partners on this journey.
Every day I should be
I felt a bit stressed,
Until a friend told me about celebrating
Two major holidays and a first birthday!
I felt a bit concerned about food,
Until I thought of others,
Who could not pay.
I felt a bit empty,
Until I thought of those
Whose hearts are breaking. 
In a few hours,
I will serve up traditional fare,
(assuming I get cooking)
Plus kale chips and eggplant tapenade,
A pumpkin pie,
Plus cheesecake cups with apple chips,
We will gather like the Pilgrims and Native Americans,
In peace and gratitude,
And celebrate. 
Let us not forget what we have,
Hope, faith, fulfillment, love,
Warmth, health, friends,
Partners on this journey,
(none of which can be purchased)
Every day we should be

If you should be reading this,
My family, friends, colleagues,
Students, and fellow travelers on this journey,
I pray that you too
Celebrate what you have
(even if you forgot the cranberries)
Eat a little too much,
(You can exercise with me tomorrow)
Laugh a little too hard,
 Tell loved ones you care.
Remember we have much,
For which to be,

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