Monday, October 22, 2012

At the falls this fall

I'm participating in an "Extreme Reading Challenge" this year,
so I I was planning a photo of me reading raking leaves,
until my husband suggested the falls on a fall afternoon
It's a restored factory turned venue for weddings and parties,  
thus, it was no surprise that an afternoon wedding was wrapping up
while we did "our" photo shoot. 
The spot, while not all that extreme, is significant in that   
the best from the past (factory buildings and a powerful waterfall)
 have intermingled with  new ideas, furnishing and people. 
I guess that is why the site is perfect, now, 
merging pasts into new families, creating futures.
Perhaps I was mesmerized by the rushing water and the setting sun; but,
I could have stayed like those who, in the past, found solace from their labors,  
and like those who, today, see potential in merging the past with the future. 
My photo depicts "holding tight to things of value," even if they are old,  
while embracing new ideas and envisioning potenial for the future.  
There was a lot more than meets the eye in this photo at the falls. 


Linda at teacherdance said...

So the reading 'shoot' evolved into much more than raking leaves would have, right? It would make me think of those past people who worked so hard at that place, and now, the factory welcomes celebration. Interesting evolution there. And it is a beautiful photo, Anita. Thanks.

Laura said...

What fun to go around town taking pictures of you reading in all different places in all sorts of unusual circumstances. I may have to steal this great idea.

And, as a historian, I love your reflections on the use of space over time. Such a cool post.

Stacey said...

Great photo, Anita. The background of the image you chose reminds me of a place in Hawley, PA. Similar to yours, but slightly different. Here's a link,

Nanc said...

I love how you spend your time exploring our world and doing different things than the norm. Did you get a glimpse of the bride. It was such a beautiful weekend in the midwest. I skyped with the Equadorian daughter at the Pumpkin Patch that she ! xo

Donna said...

I read at the ocean today. I thought about trying to take a picture of me...but alas, I was alone with my book, my phone camera and the ocean...oh, well! Nice photo!

Mrs. V said...

It looks like you and your husband were able to enjoy time together while you were also able to accomplish getting your photo. It looks like this photo will be special for you for a long time. Relaxing and calm are the words that comes to mind when I look at it.

maria.selke said...

Lovely photo - and I love the reflections you added in about the location. I may have to try to use this idea at my school :)