Saturday, October 20, 2012

National Day of Writing: Sharing Digital Writing

I knew there was going to be a lot of good sharing of writing and writing ideas out there today!

Celebrating Writing, Digital and Otherwise

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Today is National Day on Writing, hosted by the National Council of Teachers of English. Events surrounding the celebration of writing include the ongoing #whatiwrite, a Twitter-based space for participants to share links to their writing online. Follow the #whatiwrite hashtag here. Groups and projects popping up in the conversation include The EdTech Primer and How I Share Is As Important as #WhatIWrite, a Creative Commons resource page from the National Writing Project. A few titles of interest for digital writing in the K-12 classroom:

Check out Catherine Gewertz's post at Curriculum Matters for more about National Day on Writing, including NCTE resources and events related to the occasion. And, lest we overlook handwriting amid the celebration of digital writing and sharing, David Polochanin's just-published Commentary contemplates the role of cursive in an increasingly digital world

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