Saturday, October 27, 2012

PLN: Twitter, Eduation News and the NYTimes

IMG_232813In my early morning checking of my Professional Learning Network (PLN) I usually rotate between my Twitter feed (Kevin has something important to share every day), Education Week, the New York Times Education section and Two Writing Teachers.
IMG_2809Every day, I am amazed and envious at the energy, creativity, and ingenuity of my colleagues and fellow teachers. They write, create, make, think, reflect, learn, smile, cry and share snippets of their professional lives generously for us all to emulate to the extent we can! 
IMG_2659[1][3]I must admit that some days, I feel like a real "slacker" even though I am always at school early and often still at school at 5 PM.   I'm not doing nearly as much with technology as I would like to do (yet) and I my space is still not as neat and organized as those wonderful teachers who came up with the idea of Teachers Pay Teachers.

Then, the other day a colleague was showing her flyer from the TC conference, and my heart was filled with thoughts of, "I SHOULD BE GOING, TOO."  But like busy teachers everywhere, I cannot do everything.  I will continue to read and share professional books.  I will continue to grab an idea here and there from virtual friends and colleagues.   I will continue to "connect" with my PLN in the early morning, in my pajamas, with a cup of tea. Together, we are making a difference in teaching and learning. 

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