Saturday, October 27, 2012

October: Magical, magnificent, madness

I think I've always loved fall, even as a child.  I loved (still do) getting new shoes, notebooks and sharpened pencils and going "back" to school to begin the new adventure.  I especially loved (still do) settling into a routine allowing learning to accelerate at rocket speed.  I loved (still do) the juxtaposition of cool mornings and warm afternoons with colorful, rustling leaves as an added bonus. I loved (still do) the opportunity to be outside when the weather and sky provides the best show on earth.  When my firstborn made her early October arrival, it sealed the deal that October was my favorite month! 

Over the years, my relationship with October has been challenged.  There was an October Blizzard back in the '80s that left us without power or water for more than a week.  There were football games in upstate NY when the sun at our downstate home was replaced by snow and sleet at the stadium forcing me to head for Walmart looking for longies! Then, last year, another freak storm left us without power in late October forcing schools to close and cancelling many Halloween celebrations! 

This year, October has been filled with marvelous warm days and magnificent sunsets.  I've soaked in the beauty of the leaves and the wonder of settling into our learning patterns.  A "surprise" visit from my westcoast based cousin should have sealed the deal for a marvelous month; however, based on the weather reports, Mother Nature is challenging my relationship with October, again!

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