Thursday, November 1, 2012

little voices in your head

The other day, he told me he heard MY voice in his head and it impacted the series of events that ensued in a positive way.  Truth be told, I was not (am not) a perfect mother (wife, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, or friend).  I often regret or second guess decisions I make.  I often regret or second guess words I say.  I wonder if I could or should do more to help those around me.  I wonder, if in my drive fpr them to be strong and independent, if I pushed them away? When my kids were young, I restricted their activities and did not provide the latest sneakers.  I did not always arrived to pick them up from events on time.  I forget to send birthday cards and I miss many events. I do not socialize nor participate in as many events as my peers. I am far from perfect.  Yet, I am grateful that my voice, my thoughts and values, while imperfect, just might be my legacy. 

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