Sunday, November 4, 2012

Peer Feedback: Teachers Supporting Teachers

Sharing another piece of my PLN reading for the week.  This one is from Educational Leadership's November 2012 edition.

Terry Bramschreiber, of Colorado Springs, describes a model where twice a year, during designated Campus Crawl weeks, teachers use their planning time to visit other classrooms.  He shares that teachers offer really great feedback such as these:
"You did a really good job with modeling at the board and having the students come up in front of the class and do some problems. I think I'll try to incorporate more student work in my room as well. I also really liked your room setup with partners. I have been trying this lately, and it does work better than the group seating chart."
"Your grouping strategy seemed very intentional. Assigning the role of a Quality Controller to one student enhances that student's leadership skills. How can you encourage each group to set a goal and monitor its own progress toward that goal?"
What I like about all this is the message that everyone can be better and that they have a more open professional learning community. 

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