Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting the Message: Sermons and Twitter

Yesterday's sermon focused on helping our neighbors and "using our gifts" in any way we can.  It was particularly poignant in light of the devastation from last week's storms; yet, it's a familiar refrain that permeated my classrooms back in the day when I was a Saturday morning CCD teacher!

Then this morning, Laura's heart string tugging tale of hankfulness and /Stacy's post about Cleaning out My “Basement Classroom” for a NYC School struck that familiar cord again.  I wish I could figure out how to do more I was thinking, and then I realized I was writing "Bravo for helping, Stacy."  I am sure we could pack up some boxes from my school in a heartbeat and I know how I can do more. 

The deeper message here is that we all have "gifts, talents, treasures, and stuff."  We can and should use them to help others.  It helps them, and it's good for us, too.

PS (Lots of people are getting this message, one way or the other!)


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