Saturday, November 24, 2012

CCS: We all need to know about it

For a while now, the words COMMON CORE STANDARDS have been sneaking into educational conversations.  "They're coming," whether or not we like it is the message I retained.  Yet, I want to know what they mean on all levels so that I can be sure I am advocating for students, teaching, and learning within the standards.  If we know what they mean, we can most effectively implement the changes in a proactive manner rather than just consuming programs and assessments because they say CCS on the package! I really have had to do a lot of research to figure out exactly what they mean for me and for the students and teachers I interact with every day. 

This article, on Edutopia, originally published earlier this month, has great links!

I suspect that ASCD will be an important place to follow the implementation of Common Core State thanks to a grant from the Gates Foundation as it has developed a Common Core resource page (11) with alot of information, and plans for ongoing meetings and study.  There is even a hash tag to follow on Twitter at #ASCDcore (13).

The Hunt Institute's YouTube channel (14) is another place to go.  . "Shaping rigorous, world-class education standards" (15) is one of the Hunt Institute's (16) most famous.

As you get ready for lesson plans and other "down to earth" planning, check out Share My Lesson (25) and Common Core State Standards information center (28).

There were a many other links suggested in this Edutopia article including:

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