Friday, November 9, 2012

Teachers as Writers: Yes, Indeed

Today, I wrote a short piece about things for which I am grateful (my career choice).  I know the kids will be excited to see what I wrote, but the interest will be seconds rather than hours.  My writing, while meaningful to MY students, is not (yet) published.  Yet, there are those among us who are practicing what we preach and writing for a broader audience about timely topics. 

Beck McDowell is a teacher turned young adult author, whose This Is Not a Drill sounds absolutely scary and yet compelling at the same time! "It’s the story of two teens who must protect the first graders they tutor when a soldier, returned from Iraq and suffering from PTSD, opens fire in the classroom when not allowed to check out his son." She’s a former middle and high school AP English teacher who’s sponsored newspapers, literary magazines, Shakespeare festivals, medieval banquets, book fairs, art exhibits, and trips to museums, operas and plays."

While the topic is a bit intense for my K-3 students, I recognize the potential in her writing to spur thinking and discussion about controversial issues.  I'll be reading it. 

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