Saturday, February 8, 2014

@celebratelu Deep in February

Discover. Play. Build.

Thanks to Ruth's idea to celebrate on Saturdays, I'm certainly trying to look at life through "rose colored" glasses and finding lots of little things to "celebrate" in my week that might have previously gone unnoticed!

1) Two (2) snowy days when they decided to cancel school in one week!  I cannot remember the last time that happened!  The best call was on Monday morning - a TOTAL surprise snow day.  Now, truth be told, there sure has been a lot of snow to shovel; however, this is my place to celebrate, not complain!

2) My "cold," (thanks to my students L,B, A, C, A, and R for sharing) is a wee bit better this morning thanks to Nyquil, Dayquil;, Sinutabs, Tylenol and those 2 snow days previously mentioned!  I only blew my nose for 5 minutes (27 tissues).

3) I've been concerned with the role of poetry in Common Core Classrooms. This week, I was brave enough to share my concerns with teachers in my school.  While I did not ask them to sign an oath to keep the poetry "torch" alive in their classroom, I think they will!  I'm also going to go out on a limb and "publish" on my blog rather than waiting to get into a journal.  After all, I am connected to important people (like those of you who join me on Saturday mornin) and sort-of-indirectly-connected to famous people (see #5 below).    

4)  I know this sounds totally self-absorbed, but Katie Wood Ray started following me on Twitter!  This world of the internet is just so empowering. I know it has problems, but it is a great connector!


Jaana said...

Snow days can be good for so many things! It is good to celebrate extra surprises.

Andrea said...

I love that you celebrated your cold getting better. It certainly is a thing to celebrate when you only have to blow your nose for 5 minutes as opposed to all day long. Those snow days seem to have come at the right time for you!

Julie Johnson said...

This certainly has been the winter of snow days. We had one as well as a late start day this past week. I'm glad to hear that you went out on a limb for poetry. We cannot let that die in our classrooms. It opens the door to so many kids. I'll look forward to see what you have to publish. (Katie Ray is one of my heroes too!).

Julieanne said...

So brave of you to step forward and voice your concerns. I think poetry is needed more than ever with the common core. Poetry gives students a big dose of craft that might otherwise be missed in narrative or informational text. By spotlighting it, we keep our kids in tune with the sounds and rhythm of poetry so they recognize it in other texts and incorporate those craft moves in their own writing.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Loralee Landers said...

Enjoyed reading how you were brave and how you've celebrated!

I know what you mean...There is a certain someone I admire and if she ever followed me I would fall off my chair! :0)

Terje said...

I like the image of you carrying the poetry torch and passing it on to your fellow teachers. Sorry to hear about the runny nose. I hope you will feel better soon.

Carol said...

Like you, I'm worried, a little about poetry. I did a session on poetry at our state reading association. Eighty people came, so I guess other people are as interested in the topic as we are! Glad you are feeling better!