Monday, February 3, 2014

Close Reading: Super Bowl Commercials are Not For Kids!

I was thinking I would love to do something like this with my students!  I knew I could not do the Budwieser puppy commercial, even though it was adorable, but figured after the Super Bowl some "child approved commercial" would surface!  
Puppy + Clydesdale = awww.
 Since it's a snow day here, I did more than my share of blog surfing and found the links to all these commercials:

While there were lots of cute ones, there aren't many that would work!  I considered the Chobani commercial but the growling attacking bear might induce nightmares!  
The Heinz commercial is cute....but.......  I don't think they will get it!
And while I smiled at the snorting bull on the Chevy commercial,
I have concluded that the SUPER BOWL (including the commercials) is NOT FOR KIDS!  


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