Saturday, November 22, 2014

#celebratelu That First Thanksgiving: No one talked of cleaning

I celebrate each Saturday

This week, am celebrating the Pilgirms and the Wampanoags from whom I have learned much! Once again, I spent some time "closely reading" the fabulous Scholastic site this week in preparation for that big eating fest heading down the pike.

I know about the houses, the crops and about the helpful Native Americans.  Yet, I smile every year as I think about raising kids in the days before Pampers. I giggle with the kids as they think about little boys wearing dresses in the days!  I chuckle as I watch those settlers eat the food they could find or grow with their fingers.  I remember the reason why we celebrate as I watch those fascinated eyes, my little ones and my grad students alike, watch in awe as those Pilgrims recreating-actors talk in such odd ways about the journey and the hardships. Surely, they had reasons to celebrate those who survived such a dangerous adventure.

Each and every year, I as I revisit with a new bunch of readers, writers and thinkers, I am reminded that there is NOT ONE MENTION OF CLEANING in preparation for the holiday!  NOT ONE!

SO today, I celebrate that first Thanksgiving where no one cared about your dust balls and cobwebs.
No one talked about Pinterest worthy decorations. 
No one worried about candles or pie crusts.
If you happen to take a peek into my kitchen or into my dining room on Thursday, remember I am embracing the spirit of the first Thanksgiving.  We'll be eating locally (squash and kale from the farmers' market; pumpkin gelato made down the road) and there will not be anything on the table worthy of Pinterest. I will be thinking about (and praying for) of my own reasons to celebrate, this long and dangerous journey called life. .  

May your week of Thanksgiving be one where you (and I) focus on family, friends, food, and fellowship. May your dust balls and cobwebs (*along with mine) enjoy themselves, too.  
Picture from Pinterest.  Perhaps I could put the picture on the table?


LInda Baie said...

I too have my students read and discuss the Wampanoags, Anita, although in an essay for older students that shares some of our 'myths' of Thanksgiving. But you're right, in all my reading of Thanksgiving books, no one ever mentions cleaning. Happy Thanksgiving to you, with local good eats & dustballs, too!

Carol Varsalona said...

I enjoyed your post, Anita, especially the part about the dustballs. Since I just came home from NCTE14 and am off Wednesday for a family reunion 5 hours away, my house is not up to Thanksgiving shine. The beauty of being with family and friends is all we need, right?

Loralee said...

Love it! Great reminder!