Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sharing Research: Can Graphic Texts Help Readers Find Information?

I was never a huge fan of comic books; however, my close-in-age cousin and my sister were ginormous fans and I was a voracious reader, so I read Archie, Superman and all the rest of the image laden texts.  
When they came back in vogue wrapped up in nice story book forms a few years ago, I began reading them again, so that I could recommend them to my students.  Somehow, I knew my reluctant readers might find the images and limited text appealing!

Naomi Kruger-Arram went a bit further and shared her research in the link above. She wasn't a huge fan of graphic works either, but as a teacher, she plunged in and has done lots of reading and research ABOUT TODAY'S GRAPHIC TEXTS.

She shares her research: 
  • They are not only motivational because they look cool.  Some of the readers found pictures made it easier to visualize or understand what was taking place in the text. 
  • Students felt like graphic texts had fewer words even when there was not much of a difference when compared to traditional texts.

She concludes that graphic texts may not just be "cool" or "easier."  They might actually help readers and support learning.  No matter what, it is an area that we teachers need to consider when teaching and supporting diverse learners.  it's also an area for action research in our classrooms 

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