Saturday, November 1, 2014

#celebratelu2014 Breathing, Reading and Treating

Another week is coming to a close and thanks to Ruth's urging, I am linking up to "Celebrate This Week" and thinking about how amid the stress and strife, there really are things to celebrate!

  • My mother has not been doing well. She's been struggling for every breath and often tired of the "fight" to live. Then, she tried the Prednisone her doctor suggested, and as is possible with the magic of pharmacology, her breathing eased and her talking increased.  The women sitting in her chair last night, looked and sounded like "my mother."  So, I celebrate  Arthur Nobile and the Schering Corporation.  
  • One of my struggling beginning readers joined me on the journey to becoming a reader yesterday.  He turned the page, confidently and began.  " to s.s.s.sssleep with me. My little dog likes to with me...."   I watched him point to each word (a first) without me urging (forcing) him to do so.  I glanced at his mouth "getting ready" for each word by making the sound of the first letter. I looked at his confidence as he looked at pictures, read ahead, tried again and literally "wrestled" each and every word to the ground.  Perhaps it was because he was dressed as Captain America, or perhaps it was just his "time" to put those strategies to work  Whatever it was, I celebrate assessment-guided- differentiated instruction and a great B level story! 

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  • Last but certainly not least is this:  Yes indeed, teachers (but not parents) are celebrating that THIS Halloween was on a Friday.  They MIGHT just come back down to earth by Monday.  


Kendra said...

At the same time, I'm sorry to hear your mom wasn't well, and so glad to hear the medicine helped! (People who take care of their parents have a special place in my heart.) Your guided reading story made my heart sing! We've been working hard in first grade, and I'm going to benchmark next week. Maybe I should get a super hero costume??? And finally, I'm so happy to be drinking coffee in stretchy pants after 2 days of Halloween Celebrations. Let's all reset before Monday! Thanks for sharing!

Rdgtchr said...

Glad your mother is breathing easier. It is hard to see your parents struggle with health challenges.
I love your Halloween sentiment- so true- yay for Friday Halloweens! All of the fun at school on the day, and everyone can recuperate the next day. (:

LInda Baie said...

Although there're side effects, prednisone is truly a wonder drug. I'm happy that it's helped your mother, Anita. Love your story of that little Captain America-he must have been so proud. Yes, indeed, Halloween on a Friday is huge. That also means that next year we'll celebrate on Friday for the Saturday Halloween. Best to you in caring for your parents. It's both okay & a challenge to be a caregiver.

Michelle Haseltine said...

I'm so glad your mother is doing better!! Watching parents struggle with health is so hard! I have to say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sign about Halloween being on a Friday. We have 2 teacher work days on Monday & Tuesday, so my students should definitely be back to normal by then. Thanks for the laugh!

Terje said...

It is very difficult for all of you when your mom struggles with her health. Medicine working its magic is a celebration indeed. I love the stories of reader growing. Halloween is an interesting holiday to watch from far. I am glad I don't have to participate in the costume and candy fun/madness.

Julieanne said...

There are some amazing treatments that are such a blessing. I'm glad there is one to help your mom. Your first grader is working so hard! What a good thing to hold up and celebrate. And I agree with your Halloween sentiment. Yeah for Friday.