Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Keeping Readers and Writers Motivated: Classroom Parade

A few years ago, Marni Lipton was MY wanna-be-a-teacher-grad-student; these days there are some MIGHTY lucky students in HER class.  It's tough to keep kids motivated and thinking on the eve of a holiday weekend as the snow descends upon us, but here is a powerful way.  I am totally confident that Marni has a winner in this project and I too plan to use it next year! 

Classroom Parade 
Create a classroom parade loosely modeled after the famed Macy's parade.  Responding to images of past parades and creating visual images to explain ideas and using details to explain concepts is certainly part of the "core."  The idea and graphics are referenced here as an online reference for Melissa Sweet's text: Balloons Over Broadway: :

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