Sunday, November 9, 2014

#sole2014 Sprinkles, Showers, Storms and Tsunamis

This weekend, I went to a bridal shower (start the song track for Fiddler on the Roof) and to be honest, I could almost hear the sound track from Fiddler on the Roof playing in the distant background.  The event was a lovely gathering that turned a home already filled with love, into a winter wonderland filled with aunties, cousins and friends from far and wide. 

A quick Google search suggests that the idea of a "shower" goes back to 16th century Holland where friends offered small gifts when families were opposed to a marriage or too poor to pay a dowry! 
In the financially strapped early 1930's, it became an opportunity for friends and families to gather and gift an new bride small kitchen implements, like a potato masher, fork or plate.  Now, depending on you circumstances, it can mean pots, pans, and mixers or Tiffany place settings!  
At thus weekend gathering, there was handmade pottery and family heirlooms shared with the new family.  Many of the gifts suggested the new couple had a lot of books and liked to eat!  The timing of their own event, days after Christmas, means they will never lack ornaments for their tree!   

There were also some amazing discussions from both sides of the family tree as we each remembered our "own" and others' showers!

"Perhaps we should have sprinkles for kids before they head off the college," one astute senior in HS offered!  "I could use some dishes, towels......."  
"I could use a sprinkle too,"  offered a nearby guest thinking of her place, "cause it might be a while before I get married!" 

"Perhaps we should have storms, or hurricanes for those of us who survive 10 years of marriage," a newlywed nearby offered!  "I'll know what I really need by then!"

"Perhaps we should have a tsunami for those of us who make it to 25 years.  At this point, I could really use some new things!"

So, I propose some "new" events that would embrace and rejoice our homes and the support of individuals at all diverse points of life who need a little "pick me up" and a "few new things" to spruce up their nests.....especially those nests that have been battered by daily life!  

PS....We are copyrighting the term Tusnami as a party for those who weather the storms of everyday life.....with a spouse, with a partner, with a roomate, with a BFF, with kids, without a roomate or without kids at home, with dogs, with cats, without pets, .......basically every single one of our diverse possible living arrangements.......details on how to "have one" to follow :)


Holly Mueller said...

How clever! My friends and I who have been married over 25 years definitely could use a tsunami! ;-) I remember my own wedding and baby showers fondly. There will be some wedding showers coming in my family's future since my daughter is getting married in June!

Carol said...

Great idea! But you need one more for those of us who never got married and have to buy all of that stuff for ourselves!

Nanc said...

This is such an amazing idea...what a great way to get people together to love on someone...I can think of people right now that would be so excited about this idea tsunami! loved your post Anita.

Stacey said...

This is so clever, Anita! (BTW: I love that you cued the "Fiddler" soundtrack in my head at the start of your writing.)

Anita Ferreri said...

I totally agree, Carol. A tsunami can be tailor made for each of us :)

Tara Smith said...

Clever play on words! It's been ages since I've been to one of these - always such fun.

Beth said...

I love the ideas! I was always thinking that there should be something else for others who don't elect to get married---your group has discovered the right words for the celebration of many lives.