Saturday, May 9, 2015

#celebratelu15 Central Messages From The Broadway

I don't often "get to" Broadway although it is only about 90 minutes (without traffic) from my home. It's crazy expensive even if you wait in line for the super-duper discount tickets and you still have parking/train/food! It takes planning and preparation to get to the big city and partake in the magic and excitement!   
Yet, every once in a while, usually when I have an accomplice pushing me, I make the effort to dip outside of my usual weekend activities (shopping, cooking, cleaning, bill paying) and head to the big city.

Last week, my cousin was in town and so I cleared the deck (skipped shopping, cleaning and bill paying)  and headed in hoping the breathtakingly beautiful spring weather would keep the theater lines short! We scored a couple of 10th row available seats at the Hirschfeld Theater to see Kinky Boots. Like  always, there was magic in the theater as passionate performers brought a timeless story to life.  For two hours, my mind and my heart were filled with singing, smiling, dancing and clapping. It was a simple story with a clear central message reminding us to honor and respect the diverse people we meet on this journey. You never know who will be your partner in the next chapter of life.

I left the theater with the message lingering in my mind.....all week.....just like the residue of reading a good book. So this week, I celebrate theater, costumers, musicians, stage hands, and all the many talented, hard-working actors who work late, every night, to bring good stories and central messages to life! They have super powers indeed. 


Carrie Gelson said...

When we do things like this we wonder why we don't do them more often! Thanks for sharing your special with us!

Terje said...

Theatre is a great distraction form the every day life. I am glad you had a little push and got to fill your heart with this positive experience.

Rdgtchr said...

I love how you compared the feeling you had as the show's message stayed with you to the feeling you have at the end of a book. It was so beautiful in NYC last weekend- I was there too. Have not seen Kinky Boots, but friends have raved about it. Glad you skipped the cooking, cleaning, bill paying and shopping for a little fun.

Carol Varsalona said...

Anita, every time I go into the city I am mesmorized by its awesomeness. Broadway is a thrilling experience and I agree that it is so worthwhile despite the expense. I have been interested in hearing about Kinky Boots so thank you for your enthusiastic approval.

Tara Smith said...

I haven't been to a show in a very long time, but your post reminds me how thrilling it all is. So great that you had a chance to enjoy this!