Monday, May 18, 2015

#sol15 Five, Fabulous Teachers Standing in a Row

Five, fabulous teachers
Standing in a row,
They earned their robes,
Sashes, scarves
Attending and teaching classes,
Reading, responding, reflecting, 
Questioning, and observing.
Producing lesson plans, 
Drafting IEP goals,
Considering Essential Questions,
Designing and administering assessments,
Turning and talking,
Discussing Frindle,
Singing phonemic awareness ditties,  
Performing reader's theater, 
Practicing guided reading,
Reading and writing informational texts.

They (and classmates not in this photo)
Have been Slices of My Life
This semester, last semester!
They are the reason 
I attended and taught classes,
They are the reason
I read responses, reflected, 
Questioned and observed.
Thought about lesson plans, 
Pondered IEP goals,
Reconsidered Essential Questions,
Focused on formative and summative assessments,
Fostered turn and talk,
Reread Frindle, 
Performed reader's theater,
Sang Row, Row, Row Your Boat off-key,
Demonstrated guided reading,
Focused on reading and writing informational texts.

They are the future,
For lucky children and districts.
They are 
Lined up ready to be
Put into service 


Michelle Haseltine said...

YAY!!! Congratulations to these new teachers! I love the poem you wrote. It is child-like and beautiful and simple and filled with love! :)

LInda Baie said...

It should be a picture book just for new teachers, Anita. Fun celebration for those ready to leap into their own classroom!

Tara Smith said...

how wonderful! Welcome to our world, new teachers - may you find as much joy in it as we have.

Dana Murphy said...

Oh no, I can't see your picture for some reason! But that's okay, I don't need to really - your poem says it all! Congrats to them!