Saturday, May 2, 2015

#celebratelu15 Dear Students

Dear Students,
  • There is something magical, almost surreal, as trees bloom, April turns into May, and beginning readers, who once struggled with what seemed (to them) to be an insurmountable task, begin to put together the pieces of reading into the process of making meaning from texts. I sat back yesterday and watched that magic happen, again, and again, and again.
  • There is always something special about a student-teacher bond forged on a shared challenge/. After I've worked with a struggling reader for 8 months (or for 18 months!) we know each other well!  There is a level of mutual understanding and respect that comes from tackling something and watching the fruits of your labor. I celebrate how you miss me when I have to go to a meeting.  Guess what? I miss you too!
  • I celebrate, along with you, pencils, stickers, hugs, and the opportunity to sit on a red cushion and read to me.  I celebrate shared reading, shared writing, shared moments in your life.  
  • I celebrate a student, who like Picasso,told me he was in a "Blue Period" before reading club that day!  After reading club, he told me that he, like Picasso, was in a "Pink Period." I celebrate readers and writers who find themselves and relate to the texts we read.  Perhaps it was the virtual museum tour?  
  • I celebrate weekend....a chance to refuel and refresh...for all of we can do magic again on Monday.  


Michelle Haseltine said...

Hahaha! Blue Period to Pink Period!! I LOVE that!! Magical is a perfect way to describe these connections. Your post is filled with hope and joy and much celebration. Thank you!

LInda Baie said...

So creatively written, Anita. Will you print & post this on your door? I'm glad you had a special week! Here's to more!

Margaret Simon said...

"So we can do magic again on Monday." I love your encouraging and loving attitude toward your students. They obviously feel it, too.

Julieanne said...

I agree with Linda, you should post this on your door! Maybe with a tree in bloom in the background. The image of a blossom and an emerging reader are both so awe inspiring. What a great job you have!

Tara Smith said...

I love your celebrations, Anita - they are filled with warmth and hope.

Carol Varsalona said...

How special that your celebration week is really a letter to your students whom you are applauding. This is clever twist for all of us to read, Anita.

Ramona said...

Love the magic happening in your room. And your student morphing from his blue period to a pink period! Wonderful connections. Keep working your magic!