Friday, December 16, 2011

Gifts that keep on gifting
This story appeared on CBS news radio yesterday when I was sitting in traffic.  You know how that works: you hear it again and again every 8 minutes and so you really think about it during the day!  I would have HOPED it would have caught my eye even if the university involved (Stony Brook) was not a family alma mater; however, it is was the source of degrees for someone near and dear to my heart!        
I've been thinking about the news clip in light of another very generous donation from one of my own mentors to one of my own alma maters which is already supporting future teachers!
I've also been thinking about that news clip in light of this holiday season of giving.
We ALL have many opportunities to "give" and "give back" in life.  While we may not have generous endowments to share, many of of have SOME financial success to share with others who need a little boost today.  It really DOES feel SO good to shop for someone who NEEDS our gifts - I know.  I did it this year.  I can NOT wait for that gift to start giving back!
We all have MANY gifts that we COULD share with others.
We could share our talents of singing bringing enjoyment and comfort to others...we can't all sing, but we all have talents. 
We could share our talent to build and fix homes, cars, and even cells phones with others..and while we can't all fix things, we can all help to fix broken hearts and souls. 
We could take someone under our wing and share our wisdom and caring........even young children know the joy this brings.
We could just listen to those who might need to share....
We could give our time......even if we don't think we have a lot of it...we have this today and this moment....use it wisely. . 

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