Friday, December 30, 2011

Writing to Remember

I've been getting ready for a new year and the new semester it will surely bring during the early morning hours of this a"vacation" week.  I CERTAINLY do not have to do this; it could wait until next week.  I WANT to do this. I'm considering journal articles - old ones - and some new ones- and making choices that will best help my students understand the magnitude of their responsibility as teachers of writing.  It's a BIG responsibility because we all have so little time to read , remember and reflect as we live our busy lives.

One important point, that we often forget to share with out students, is that we write to remember.  Our written words, whether in ink or computer or phone font, are more permanent reminders of our thoughts and ideas than our verbal conversations.  As I look back at 2011 through this blog, I am reminded of  experiences (a few snow storms I forgot) and my thinking. I'm remembering the happy and sad days that make up all of our lives.

Today, I am  writing to remember a young man whose life here on earth ended in 2011 - far too early.  I didn't really know this young man personally; however, I have had his family and friends in my thoughts and prayers for the 24 hours since I found out - through "print" Internet - because he was a friend of someone I love - and thus part of my extended family here on earth. 

Our days here are indeed busy and indeed are few; thus, it is important to make the most of our moments and our  memories.  I'm off to do that now!  

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