Saturday, December 24, 2011

Maybe Today, Perhaps Tomorrow, Let There Be Peace

I sure could use just one more day...
One day to clean, prepare, cook, wrap, share with others..
I guess I feel like this almost every year,,
I should have started earlier...baked and frozen cookies in November...
Wrapped in August...
Cleaned every week...
Or Gotten someone to help me clean...:)
I guess I (and most other people on earth)
Feel a whole lot more like Mary probably felt that first Christmas 2000+ years ago...
Not quite ready in all the little ways I might wish to be...
But ready in my heart
To give and accept the love and hope this season offers to all of us...
SO even if your presents are not all shopped for..
Even if they are not all wrapped...
Even if your cookies are burned and there is flour on the floor
Even if you can't figure out the Aerobed you just bought
Even if you are concerned about those who are hurting this season
I wish for everyone
A holy and peaceful Christmas Eve
A joyous and peace-filled Christmas Day
A season when your family, whatever it looks like
Not only tolerates
But also grows in love and understanding
And acceptance of us all as imperfect beings
With the potential for limitless love..
It's PEACE I wish for most of all
In our world
In our families
In our hearts

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