Thursday, December 22, 2011

A small moment in time

For 24 hours, I was "out of touch."  In all honesty, I didn't know I was out of touch for the first 12 hours because I was fast asleep (or at least as fast asleep as someone can be during these last very busy days before vacation and the big eating / present giving holiday that looms.).
I'd love to tell the whole story now, but I do not have time as I need to 1) get on that treadmill 2) wrap at least one gift!.  So, perhaps, when I need a "seed idea" for a small moment in a few weeks (during my teaching writing class!), I will return to this and expand on this kernal.
I don't want to miss the message that I feel so clearly this morning (now that I am back "in touch") becuase I got the message loud and clear: slow down and remember what this season is all about...It is not the even count on the boxes or the number of cookies in the pantry...not what needs cleaning...not what needs wrapping...not where will I put them...not even the perfect gifts for those who help us all year...slowing down to remember....the real gift this holiday season....

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