Monday, December 26, 2011

The Help

I read The Help last summer and was impacted by the complex and cruel relationships of the employers towards their hired help; however, last night I saw the movie version and took away (not surprisingly) a slightly different angle on the movie.  Perhaps it was because I was watching the movie on Christmas night reflecting on the message of hope and peace of this important day in Christian calendars.  Perhaps it was because I was reflecting on the joys and challenges of "family."  Perhaps it was because I was thinking about those I love dearly who were not with me due to the joys and challenges of  of this journey through "life."  Perhaps it was because I was thinking about my nuclear family (the one of my youth) who lived not far away in Meridian, Mississippi for a short time during my adolescence. 
Whatever the reason, I am glad THIS TIME that I watched the movie as well as read the book.  While even a good movie is typically disappointing after a great book, there are times when the message needs to be heard again and again.  So in this season of hope and promise, let us not forget the potential we all have to look down on others who are not like us - for whatever reason. 

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